This blog will document my time in Thailand with the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise doing Community-Based Tourism for those affected by the tsunami in 2004.  I will be helping to facilitate relationships and business deals with local communities and stakeholders (including tour groups, hotels, etc.).

Following my internship in Thailand I will travel to China to work in a temporary position with the gentleman for whom I interned last summer in the restaurant and night club business.  I look forward to a great learning expereince and many stories to tell.  I also hope to travel to the Western side of the country and see the more rural side of China, possibly hopping on a motorcycle to travel a self-made itinerary following China’s ancient Silk Road.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hey will, my name is julie and i am a friend of patrice newman from greensboro. She was in my retail store yesterday and we started chatting . she told me about you after i was telling her that my son parker was in shanghai.he used to play soccer w/ andrew many years ago. i enjoyed looking at your blog.my husband and i visited parker in march and we also went to thailand. what a incredible place.Any way parkers email is parker.mcallister@gmail.com. he lives close to the four seasons hotel and is teaching. Thought you might want to come across another tarheel in the land of faraway. take care and good luck, julie mcallister

  2. just looked at your photos in krabi. saw the shrine to the princess. we stayed in the hotel 100 yards away. small world. adios Julie

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