Nostalgic for the Present

You know how you always say how much you wish you could go back to a certain time in your life, or the good ole days.  Well, you might not know it, but I have proven to myself, and want to prove to you, that the good ole days are always today!  Whether in boom or bust, you will always look back on a time and think it was the best in your life.  Yes, this even applies to difficult times.  What is known as our greatest generation went through the Great Depression and World War II.  Pain and suffering are good things.  They bring about growth and strength, something often illustrated in the Bible.

Departing Beijing, I travelled back to Bangkok to meet my parents and show them around Thailand.  I arrived December 8, and they arrived December 11.  This trip made me realize how awesome my time in Thailand was.  I certainly did not take my time for granted, as I enjoyed every minute of it, but I realized how unique and once in a lifetime the experience was.  Who lives in their own room of a resort, with a balcony facing the ocean, and works in the villages located in one of the world’s greatest natural paradises?  I was so lucky.

We often realize how great something is only after it is over.  My return to Thailand with my parents gave me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my time there, and in China.  My advice to you is to recognize you are living at the best time of your life, and start living in a way that reflects that idea.


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