I am young and crazy

I am young and crazy

I wrote this and only this in my notes as a topic of a post that I wanted to do.  I must have been feeling young and crazy, and felt happy enough about that to want to write a post on it.  I have talked to countless people who say they wish they had the freedom to do what I am doing.  Somehow, like many other fellow college graduates, I managed to get through university with no strings attached.  Part of that was my own choosing and part of it was the choice of others.  When I really get down to it, I had no responsibility for anything other than myself in college, and the same seems to continue today, as I graduated without any debt or significant relationship.  Of course I care very much for my great friends and family, but have decided not to live my life focused solely around them.  I care for them and will always listen and be there for them, but feel the need to go after what I love to do.

I gave a speech a long time ago based off of the advice of a neighbor of mine, Mr. Lecka.  He said the three most important things in order are God, wife, and job.  I feel I can always chase after God wherever I am, and find a wonderful wife wherever I am, but may need to get out and explore for the job that I love.  Who knows, I may need to eventually get out from the job I love and explore for God or a wife again, but I feel these things will come to me.  One thing I was most afraid of when leaving Chapel Hill was I would never find friends of the same caliber.  I have later found that you can find wonderful people anywhere you go (even if they are still Carolina alumni).  🙂

Do I love being so unattached?  I am not sure yet, but really am glad to have been able to pursue opportunities that I may not have otherwise been able to pursue had I been attached to North Carolina.  Opportunity is a strange thing, and definition of success is quite another.  I have come to realize that opportunity can come at random (meeting someone in the subway, saving).  You see it in the movies all the time, but I really do believe that being in the right place at the right time (luck) matters.  Luck matters, but so does how one reacts to that luck.  I think people can create luck based on how they react to the luck that is introduced to them.  An opportunity may present itself to a person, but that person may not have the initiative or understanding of how to take advantage of it.

Where does this initiative and know how come from?  I think it comes from many things, but two of the most important are education and how the person is raised by family, friends, and institutions.  I love the lectures given by Professor Gerald Unks in his class on education in America (EDUC 441) and the ideas published by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers.

At the beginning of this post, I originally attributed being young and crazy to the cool things I am doing, but I really think it is my personality and mentality brought about by education, family and friends that has allowed me to take advantage of the opportunities that I have now.


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